Anatomy of a Removal Proceeding 101

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Representing clients in removal proceedings starts before you set foot in the courtroom. Panelists on Part I of this two-part fundamentals session will provide you with the basics you need to be an effective and prepared litigator in removal court. 

  • Commencement of Proceedings: Breaking Down the Notice to Appear. 
  • Distinctions Between Being Charged with Deportability Versus Inadmissibility. 
  • Who Bears the Burden of Proof? 
  • Available Forms of Relief.

Lindsey Gauzza

Discussion Leader

Lindsey Gauzza is a partner at the Office of Cheryl David in New York City, where she specializes in removal defense, immigration consequences of criminal convictions, and family-based immigration. Before joining the Law Office of Cheryl David, Ms. Gauzza clerked for two years at the New York Immigration Court through the Attorney General’s Honors Program. She graduated from Temple University School of Law in 2009, and earned her BA in History from Oberlin College in 2004. Ms. Gauzza currently serves as the co-chair for the District Director Liaison Committee of the NY AILA Chapter. She is licensed to practice in New York.

Rossana Rolon Grau


Rossana Rolón Grau is a solo practitioner in Falls Church, VA. Before private practice, she served in various capacities at the ICE Office of the Principal Legal Advisor, including a two-year detail as a Special Assistant United States Attorney at the Office of the United States Attorney for the Western District of Texas. Her practice is focused on family-based immigration and removal defense. She received her J.D. from Baylor University School of Law (2003).

Elham Sadri


Elham Sadri has represented clients in complex removal and family-based immigration cases. She currently serves as a secretory on the AILA Santa Clara Valley, a co-coordinator of the AILA NorCal Chapter, and a committee member of the Iranian American Bar Association of NorCal. Where she has long been active. She is a publisher of a book about the American legal education system in Farsi.

John Sesini


John Sesini is the Managing Partner and Head of the Family/Deportation Practice Group at Sesini Law Group. Prior to focusing exclusively on immigration law.  He practiced criminal law for many years, which experience makes him uniquely qualified to represent non- citizens with criminal convictions. He works frequently with criminal defense attorneys in criminal cases throughout Wisconsin and has successfully vacated dozens and dozens of criminal convictions for his clients.


Anatomy of a Removal Proceeding 101
07/22/2020 at 11:30 AM (EDT)   |  60 minutes
07/22/2020 at 11:30 AM (EDT)   |  60 minutes Anatomy of a Removal Proceeding 101
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