Practice Management, Ethics, & Wellness Tutorial Videos

Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing) with Danielle Polen
This mindfulness practice meditation, guided by Danielle Polen, leads viewers through a cleansing breathing exercise that is designed to bring balance to the two sides of the body and the two hemispheres of the brain. This was originally part of the 2021 Lawyer Well-Being Week daily meditations.
Visualization Meditation
In this video, AILA Lawyer Well-Being Committee Member Diana Santos walks members through a guided morning meditation.
How to Use AILA's Group Directory Page
This video tutorial explains how to utilize AILA’s Group Directory page to locate the contact information for AILA Liaison Committees and local agency liaisons.
Responding to RFEs When External Circumstances Make Them Impossible to Fulfill
This video discusses when emergency circumstances outside your control, like the covid-19 pandemic, make it impossible to fulfill an RFE and what should you do.
Share Content on Social Media
Do you want to start a conversation on social media about a recent policy change, or share a great AILA resource with your community? All public documents on have social media sharing tools. Watch this video to learn how to take advantage of them.
Litigation Resources on
This video provides information about where to find litigation resources on
The Agora Marketplace Basics
This video will cover the basic functions of the Agora website. This includes paying for your AILA membership, making an order and registering for conferences/seminars.
Picking a Forms Program
Comparing costs, value, what best fits your type of practice? Can you get by with a basic program or do you want a cloud based program? Are you and your staff able to use the more technological programs? Is tech support available easily?
Succession Planning for Solos: What Does Your Retirement Look Like?
This video is part of a three-video series on succession planning for solos. It will discuss retirement planning.
Succession Planning for Solos: How to Prepare Your Practice for Death or Disability
This video is part of a three-video series on succession planning for solos. It will discuss preparing your practice for death or disability.
Succession Planning for Solos: Backup Attorneys for Vacations and Emergencies
This video is part of a three-video series on succession planning for solos. It will discuss backup attorneys for vacations and emergencies.
What Is Needed for a Motion to Substitute?
If an attorney is taking over representation of a client in removal proceedings from another attorney, a motion to substitute is needed. This tutorial will explain what is needed in a motion to substitute.
Changing Your Display Settings in AILALink
AILA legal research frequently asked question: how to change your AILALink display settings.
Managing Client Communications for Increased Productivity
How can you do less work while still managing your clients? This video provides tips for increasing productivity.
Four Keys to Software Success
This video discusses the four keys to software success: the test drive, integration costs, support offered, and training.
How to Effectively Enhance Law Firm Profitability
This video discusses the three ways to effectively enhance profitability: 1) increase the fees you charge, 2) increase the number of clients you serve by increasing your marketing and business development efforts, or 3) improve efficiency by increasing productivity and reducing costs of doing business.
Your Most Profitable Hour All Year
Billable time determines your income, but nonbillable time determines your future. Reid Trautz, Director of the Practice & Professionalism Center, makes the case for non-substantive law CLE. Then register for the AILA Law Practice Management Conference—the conference that will determine your future!
How Much Can You Charge for Your Services?
What standards govern the upper limits of what a lawyer can charge for his or her services?
The Ethics of Minimum Fees
What is a minimum fee and are they ethically permissible? What happens if the representation ends early, and how do you set a reasonable milestone to delineate when the minimum fee is earned?
The Ethics of Hourly Billing
Where does the advanced payment for hourly fees go, trust or operating? What tasks can you bill for?
Moment of Mindfulness: The Body Scan Practice
As part of our wellness series, join us for the body scan practice.
Moment of Mindfulness: Mindful Breathing Practice
As part of our wellness series, join us for mindful breathing practices.
Moment of Mindfulness: Mindful Walking
As part of our wellness series, join us for mindful walking.
Moment of Mindfulness: The “S.T.O.P.” Practice
As part of our wellness series, join us for the "S.T.O.P." practice.
Moment of Mindfulness: The Forgiveness Practice
As part of our wellness series, join us for the forgiveness practice.
Moment of Mindfulness: Mini-Meditation
As part of our wellness series, join us for a mini-meditation.
Conflict of Interest and Affidavit of Support
When your client does not meet the poverty guidelines, is there a conflict of interest in preparing the affidavit of support of the joint sponsor?
Candor and Confidentiality
Lawyers have duties of confidentiality to their clients and candor to the tribunal that can be conflicting. Confidentiality is a fundamental ethical duty, but the duty of candor to the tribunal limits confidentiality in most states. This video gives a basic ethical overview of candor and confidentiality.​
The Ethics of Flat Fee Billing
Where does the advanced payment of a flat fee go, trust or operating? How much should you refund if the engagement ends prior to completion of the representation.
Use of Non-Engagement and Disengagement Letters
Use of non-engagement and disengagement letters.
Six Steps to Correct a Mistake
This video provides a six step process attorneys can follow to correct a mistake.
Three Hacks for Maximum Productivity
AILA member and productivity consultant, Ritu Goswamy explains her three favorite productivity hacks in this four-minute video. Watch it, adopt the hacks, and change your work-life balance for the better today!
U.S. Code to INA Conversion Using AILALink
AILA legal research frequently asked question: How to use AILALink to convert U.S. Code to INA.
Boolean Search in AILALink
AILA legal research frequently asked question: how to conduct a Boolean search.
What Should My Malpractice Policy Limits Be?
What your malpractice policy limits should be.
Wellness Tips for Increased Productivity
Wellness tips for increased productivity.
What to Say About Leave in an Office Procedures Manual
Distinguish between different types of leave; illness, vacation, personal, holiday, bereavement. Discuss differences between salaried and non-salaried employees if leave differs.
What to Say About Compensation in an Office Procedures Manual
Let your staff know when their salary will be reevaluated. Distinguish between merit raises and cost of living raises and when they occur. Discuss bonus or incentive opportunities and how to qualify. Explain that salary may be based on education, experience, performance and firm finances. Explain overtime policies.
What to Say About Scope of Responsibilities in an Office Procedures Manual
Include job descriptions for each job category and explain how jobs overlap. Discuss flow of work, who is responsible when someone is absent for day, week, month.
Taxigration Basics
This video reviews the five basic principles of taxigration (the intersection of tax and immigration law).
What to Say About Dress Code in an Office Procedures Manual
Explain what you expect. Does dress code differ between back office or front office employees or by day of week (week day v. weekend). Are there casual days? Note that religious attire is permitted. Discuss dress code and safety issues.
Structure Your Day for Maximum Productivity
Everyone wants to be as productive as they can in their daily work. This three-minute video from AILA member Ritu Goswamy explains how to schedule your workload to take advantage of the times you are more productive and more creative, to become your most productive.