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What Is Needed for a Motion to Substitute?
If an attorney is taking over representation of a client in removal proceedings from another attorney, a motion to substitute is needed. This tutorial will explain what is needed in a motion to substitute.
Ideas for Proving the Abuser’s Status in a VAWA Case
DV survivors don’t always have copies of their abuser’s documents to show they are U.S. Citizens or LPRs. What are some other examples of evidence you can provide to meet your burden? Can USCIS confirm an abuser’s status for you?
Common U Visa Cases That Could be T Visa Cases to Avoid the Long U Visa Backlog
T visas are preferable to U visas due to the long U visa backlog. Many domestic violence and workplace crime cases may be viable T visa cases. Learn to screen for T visa eligibility.
How Long Is the U Visa Waitlist and How Can I Explain It to My Client?
Exactly how long will it be until my client receives a decision on the U visa? Why is it taking so long? Can the client receive a work permit while it’s pending? Is there anything that can be done to expedite the petition?
Tips to Prepare Yourself for an Asylum Interview at an Asylum Office
How do you prepare your client for an asylum interview at the Asylum Office? This video will share tips on how to help your client be ready for the interview.
Your First Meeting with Your Asylum-Seeking Client
When meeting with your client for the first time, there is some important information that you need to get. Here are some tips and steps to use to start building that rapport and trust between you and your client.
U/T Visas: How to Apply for a Fee Waiver with the Vermont Service Center
Recently, fee waiver requests have been routinely denied by VSC whereas previously they were almost a given. Learn tips to get your fee waiver request approved given VSC’s new, more stringent adjudication process.
T Visas: How to Screen Consultations for Possible T Visa Relief
Learn how to ask the right questions so you don’t overlook possible T visa eligibility.
T Visas: How to Show “Present on Account of” Trafficking
Learn tips for demonstrating this requirement, one of the most problematic for T visa petitioners.
Dealing with Trauma to Discover Your Client’s Story
Asylum seekers have much trauma that prevents them from telling their account of persecution. Here, we will provide tips on how to help your client discover their story and help the attorney tell their client’s story.
Tips to Prepare Your Client for an Asylum Interview at an Asylum Office
How to organize and prepare your client for the asylum interview.
Private Actors in Asylum Claims Post-Matter of A-B-
This video discusses particular social groups in asylum claims, with a specific focus on Matter of A-B- and private actors.
Best Practices for Checks Payable to USCIS
How to submit a check to USCIS and make sure it has been received.
Six Tips to Prepare for Direct Examination in an Asylum Hearing
How to organize and prepare for direct examination in court.
Understanding the Five Grounds of Asylum
A brief look at the five grounds of asylum: race, religion, nationality, political opinion, membership in a particular social group.
Lodging an Asylum Application at Immigration Court Without a Hearing
Forms that need to go with this filing in a basic case; how to deliver the form to the court; what you will receive back from the court administrator.
What Is the Immigration Justice Campaign?
A quick overview of the Immigration Justice Campaign.