AILA Resources Tutorials

Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing) with Danielle Polen
This mindfulness practice meditation, guided by Danielle Polen, leads viewers through a cleansing breathing exercise that is designed to bring balance to the two sides of the body and the two hemispheres of the brain. This was originally part of the 2021 Lawyer Well-Being Week daily meditations.
Visualization Meditation
In this video, AILA Lawyer Well-Being Committee Member Diana Santos walks members through a guided morning meditation.
AILA Committee Pages
This quick video provides tips on how to learn more about AILA’s Liaison Committees, access committee resources such as minutes, practice resources, and comments, and report problematic trends or issues to the committee's attention.
How to Use AILA's Group Directory Page
This video tutorial explains how to utilize AILA’s Group Directory page to locate the contact information for AILA Liaison Committees and local agency liaisons.
How to Build Relationships with Reporters
Best way to get press attention when you want it is to build relationships with reporters beforehand. This video provides tips on how to reach out to reporters and offer yourself as a resource for immigration stories.
Ethics Check: The Conflicts Everyone Forgets (PPC)
In this quick Ethics Check video, learn the purpose behind a conflicts check system in immigration law and get several sample conflicts checks in Excel, from the Practice & Professionalism Center.
Share Content on Social Media
Do you want to start a conversation on social media about a recent policy change, or share a great AILA resource with your community? All public documents on have social media sharing tools. Watch this video to learn how to take advantage of them.
Litigation Resources on
This video provides information about where to find litigation resources on
Ethics Resources on
In this AILA Resources Tutorial, learn how to use AILA Ethics resources like the AILA Ethics Compendium to help you effectively research and find answers to complex questions.
Changing Your Display Settings in AILALink
AILA legal research frequently asked question: how to change your AILALink display settings.
Tips for Requesting Case Assistance from a Member of Congress
Learn how Members of Congress and their staff can assist you on case-specific inquiries.
Searching Within a Specific Book on AILALink
How to search within a single publication on AILALink.
Saving a Search on AILALink
How to save a search on AILALink.
How and Why to Create a Member Paralegal Account
This video explains what a member paralegal account is and how AILA members can create these accounts for their paralegals.
Boolean Search in AILALink
AILA legal research frequently asked question: how to conduct a Boolean search.
U.S. Code to INA Conversion Using AILALink
AILA legal research frequently asked question: How to use AILALink to convert U.S. Code to INA.
Five Reasons Why AILA Members Should Join the Global Migration Section (GMS)
This video provides an introduction to the AILA Global Migration Section (GMS) and gives the viewer five reasons why AILA members should join GMS.
Managing Recent Postings Alerts
AILA legal research frequently asked question: how to manage the recent posting alerts.
Organizing Your Research on
This video will provide tips for organization of research.
Saving a Search on
How to save a search on
Searching on
Tips for effective legal research: searching on
Kurzban's Index
AILA legal research frequently asked question: Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook index.
Bookmarks in AILALink
AILA legal research frequently asked question: how to use AILALink bookmarks.
What Is the Immigration Justice Campaign?
A quick overview of the Immigration Justice Campaign.